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Protect the Green Earth - PVH Volunteering Activities during 2024 Earth Day

On the occasion of the 54th Earth Day, Netspring once again joined hands with PVH to come to Jiashan migrant school which is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, to celebrate the Earth Day with the children and enrich the children’s environmental protection knowledge via IT access and handicraft activities.


On April 18th afternoon, the volunteers arrived at the renovated PVH Green IT Classroom, where the children of Class 2 Grade 5 were excitedly discussing and looking forward to their favorite IT class. As today’s keynote speaker, Dora from PVH shared the benefits of green life and how to do the environmental protection from daily life. After that, PVH volunteers stimulated the children’s enthusiasm for learning to use computers through poster’s production. The children started from inserting pictures to editing simple texts, and finally made beautiful posters, which was full of a sense of achievement.


And then, Connie and PVH volunteers, brought the theme of “Protecting the Ecological Balance” class to students of Class 1 Grade 5. Connie used an enlightening interactive approach, with children scrambling to raise their hands to talk about how we should protect our common homeland. Afterwards, the children and volunteers worked together to make the “Green” photo frame. The students spent an unforgettable and fruitful day with passionate volunteers.


Since 2019, PVH has built up this Geen IT Classroom in the school, helping over 1,000 students to acquire computer knowledge and lay a solid foundation, providing opportunities for students to explore the world of information technology. As a well-known clothing production and sales company, PVH cares about social responsibility and contributes to schools and students in need. Netspring has been deeply collaborating with PVH for over six years and will continue to move forward on Green IT Programs.


"I am very happy today. Thanks to the volunteer teachers. I have learned a lot of new environmental knowledge and also learned how to make posters on a computer for the first time. The IT class is really interesting. I will also tell my parents to do a good job of garbage sorting and use shared bicycles more for transportation, because we only have one Earth and need everyone to make efforts to protect it."

__Student of Grade 5, PVH Green IT Classroom, Jiashan School, Zhejiang