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>> The Life Weekly features "Green IT Classroom "

In China, over 70% of one million disposed E-wasted are mishandled, posing irreversible damage to environment and human. Also, there are over 50 million children of countryside don’t have the access to computers.

“Green IT Classroom” program” aims to tackle both issues at the same time. It is both a eco-friendly and economical project. Over half of 700 substances one computer contains are toxic to underground water and soil. While most of the disposed computer are merely outdated which means average 3-5 years more working time. Our utmost goal is narrowing urban-rural gap by building IT Classroom for countryside children in the use of well-refurnished obsolete computers.

A typical process of reviving a computer compasses following steps: Picking up the obsolete computers from companies or individuals; the unusable ones to be transported for eco-friendly dismantlement and the usable ones will be going through refurbishment: Sterilizing, assembling and software installing and testing. Then they will become a well-refurbished computer for kids!Every IT classroom basically requires 20 computers to make sure at least one computer for 10-20 children

It’s not troublesome at all. Individuals and companies could donate their obsolete computers for these children. Also, they could volunteer to be computer teacher or donate money or other equipment for IT classroom. In the meantime, the donator could also gain growth and experience from benefiting others.

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>> NETSPRING becomes a member of Young Public Welfare Alliance

Youth welfare alliance announced the membership of "Green IT Classroom Against Poverty" and introduce the project in its website. 2012-11-26


"Green IT Classroom" encourage society to donate obsolete computers and other electronic devices to licensed recycling company. And use the refurbished computer to build IT classroom for countryside kids. Also, we provide follow-up services including hotlines, annual return visits, software updating, replacement and dismantlement of scrapped computers and submission of IT classroom regular usage reports for companies.

The recycling and construction process are under strict quality control. According to professional calculation, fee of building an IT classroom of the well-performed recycling computers accounts for 1/5-1/4 that of brand new ones.

"Green IT Classroom" compasses benefits of public welfare, environmental protection and recycling economy.


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>> Social entrepreneurship. No more “stunted tree”

Lu YanWanqian “China Youth News”2012.10.22

According to BaiduBaike, Social entrepreneurship means that social organization (enterprise, NGOs) combines social value and economical value in operation.

Social entrepreneurship originated from Western developed countries and still go through initial stage in China. Chinese entrepreneur take oversea business model and training as examples to operate in China. The nature of public welfare-oriented with business revenue is what social entrepreneurship different from the general entrepreneurship. In china, more and more youth join in this path of difficulties and adversities.

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Hogan Lovells Green IT classroom Revisit


Two students from New York University Shanghai visited Netspring last month. "In our English class, we focus on the issues about business and community. We talked about the practice of social enterprise, of which Netspring is a very good example. Netspring aims to turn e-waste into education resources for us to learn from." After they interviewed Ally Qin, the marketing manager of Netspring, they made a video, introducing projects and thinking about Netspring's future. Hope the video will help you get a new insight into Netspring.


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