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Through the Green IT Classroom program, companies can reuse their obsolete computers and engage their employees to support local underprivileged schools. Netspring team will provide professional and tailor made services to help companies build and operate their Green IT Classroom CSR program.

Netspring manages the disposal of all your obsolete computers to create social and environmental value. Your old computers are tested, cleaned and installed with new software to be used in a school that lack IT resources. At the end of their lifecycle, there are eco-dismantled by our certified partner and you receive an official eco-dismantling certificate.

Service includes

  • Pick-up
  • Testing
  • Refurbishment (data security, spare part renewal, software install)
  • Certified eco-dismantling 

Expected benefits

  • Long term legal compliance Data security management
  • Contribution to social value creation
  • Cost optimization


Netspring has developed tailor-made services that enables our partners to leverage their support to fulfill their CSR objectives and enhance their CSR policies. Theses services create win-win situations where our partners goals meet with the school expectation and with our social mission. Ultimately, they are designed to create shared environmental and social value!

Service includes

  • Volunteering
  • Events
  • Courseware development
  • HR CSR professional training*
  • Local PR* 

(*with partners)

Expected benefits

  • Team building
  • Corporate communication content
    (internal and external)
  • Media coverage
  • CSR values in decision making
  • Extended local coverage



Netspring set-ups a unique social impact program for you company, that enables you to support a school in need and provide volunteering opportunities for your employees. This program creates long term impact in local communities by fostering digital inclusion that will enable grade 3 to 6 students to meet the education bureau requirements regarding IT skills as much as to broaden their perspective and chances to get a job in their future.

Service includes

  • School selection
  • Three years follow-up and reporting
  • Teacher support

Expected benefits

  • Positive impact on brand image
  • Strengthened local reach
  • Long term and professional social commitment


You want to discard your e-waste to support our program ?
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