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Synopsys 10KM Charity Hiking with migrant school kids in this September!


SYNOPSYS with new technology, pay close attention to poor communities and encourage employees to participate in public welfare activities, inspire all the disadvantaged children to have more colorful dream for the future. With the support from Netspring, SYNOPSYS  volunteers together with 50 children from Shanghai Fenxian District Xingguang Migrant school will have a 10 KM hiking in the morning of this September and then one sharing about life and heath in the afternoon.

The Key message of this event: Care about others/Slow down your living pace/Mental and Physical health/Sharing

The target of the event:

-Help social vulnerable groups: participating hiking staff will raise funds for extraordinarily poor student in Xingguang Migrant School

-Let the migrant school kids experience the joy of contribution:  through small gifts by their own hands and hiking participation, the migrant school children will raise funds together with Synopsys volunteers for their friends

-Pay attention to employee health: after the hiking, professional speaker will have one lecture about hiking and health

-Teaching is learning: corporate volunteers and migrant school children share life experience