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Apr./May 2023: Celebrating International Children’s Day & World Environmental Day. Let’s protect the future of our children !

On the occasion of International Children's Day and World Environmental Day, we wish all of our students a happy moment, may light brightens your eyes, hope your hearts, and we wish you a great success in your future! We appeal once again that children are the future of human beings and the masters of future environment. Netspring Green IT Programs sincerely invite everyone to gather forces for good and protect the future of our children.
Here, we are happy to share the exciting news of the 4th Virtuos green IT classroom in China launched at Sichuan Modern Art School in Chengdu and a grounded campus talk co-organized by Netspring and Virtuos themed "The Power of Women Behind Games" with students of IFA Paris at Shanghai University of Engineering Science. We also held our annual e-waste Recycling Drive in collaboration with AmCham Shanghai, for the 54th Earth Day with the theme "Earth for All" , meantime, we displayed Netspring students’ artworks to experience the power of e-waste as art during the event. The e-drive was yet another success as the number of items received, we collected more than 1,600 items weighing 6+ tons totally in Shanghai & Suzhou! Wholehearted thanks to all our supporters!
Young people influence young people: Virtuos opened its fourth Green IT Classroom in China
On April 6, 2023, with the warm spring breeze, the fourth Virtuos Green IT Classroom in China launched at Sichuan Modern Art School in Chengdu. The school provides art education for children with a wide range of interests, as well as more possibilities for children's future life. On the opening ceremony, young students performed to express their welcome of Green IT Classroom and gratitude to the young volunteers from Virtuos Chengdu Studio.
After the ceremony, volunteers from the Virtuos team shared a happy moment with the students. They prepared interesting coding classes and imaginative handicraft classes for middle school students, as well as relevant lectures for high school students. This activity broadened students' horizons and made them feel more interested in learning. Students also actively participated in the activity, each of them opened their imagination and created wonderful decals.
As a company committed to creating a diverse and equal cultural environment to help women grow and develop, Virtuos volunteers intended to encourage young female students to find their "beauty of capability" and artistic potential. Before these activities, in order to better interact with the students and enliven the atmosphere, the volunteers also prepared some courseware to share with the students, such as "Plant in the game, life in the game", etc.
For high school students, there was a chance to have a face-to-face conversation with business executives on the day. Both the Regional Manager and one Director shared their life experiences with the students. Starting from philosophy and mechanism of game designing, they showed the magic of “algorithm” that is the key to keep games always attractive, and also encouraged these young students to try to integrate such expectations into their own learning and lives in the future.
The sharing session soon came to an end, but students kept on asking questions and their words became more thoughtful. In the end, a student said: "You did not use podiums and textbooks for your sharing, and we felt so close with you!" Another student also mentioned: "Your sharing as a father also made me see the love of my parents." The sharing of two leaders allowed these students to be "seen" and also helped these students "re-recognize" themselves!
“Our school has just moved to a new campus, and there is no funding to build IT classroom. Thanks to the Green IT classroom provided by Virtuos this time, it has solved the school's urgent needs. It also brought a different class to our students, and they benefited a lot.”
_School Principal
We would like to thank Virtuos, our long-term partner and its volunteers for all the support and contribution to Netspring Green IT Programs. We will continue to help more groups, so as to maximize the social impact of the program. Looking forward to more people joining!

Virtuos Sharing women empowerments in the game industry with university students

On March 31, Virtuos Shanghai Studio organized a grounded campus talk themed "The Power of Women Behind Games" with students of IFA Paris at Shanghai University of Engineering Science. General Manager of Virtuos Shanghai Studio gave an in-depth analysis of how women can demonstrate their competitiveness in the workplace, and also tried to help students realized that beauty does not distinguish between industries. Behind a good product must be the integration and application of cross-industry knowledge. Meanwhile, university is the learning of basic skills for students. No matter which industry they go to in the future, they need to learn again.


Virtuos is committed to creating a diverse and equal environment to help women grow and develop. In the coming years, they try to increase the percentage of female employee, as well as increase the proportion of female executives in the company. In order to achieve the goal, the company will try to provide more job opportunities for women, not only pays for equal work, but also flexible working ways for female employees, and enhances women's fulfillment sense of career and family.


Recorded Contribution at 2023 Earth Day AmCham Shanghai & Suzhou E-waste Drive

On April 21 & 26, 2023 the annual earth day e-waste drive co-organised by AmCham Shanghai and Netspring Green IT programs was successfully held in Shanghai & Suzhou. This time we handed over more weight of electronic products than last year. We collected more than 1,600 items weighing more than 6 tons totally in Shanghai & Suzhou. Thank you very much for the generosity and enthusiasm of all participating companies. Over the past 10 years, Netspring team collaborating with AmCham Shanghai and other supporters have provided digital access to more than 75,000 children whilst protecting the environment.


Netspring needs your support to turn all these contributions into useful tools for students in remote schools. Through refurbished computers students will be opened to a whole new world of knowledge and knowledge changes destiny.


"Blue Planet" - Experience the power that turns e-waste to art

Thanks to all the supporters, Netspring hosted a student art competition themed "Blue Planet" in our supported schools before. During the e-waste drive event day, some of the artworks of the competition were also displayed in the open space at the office of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.


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