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Mar. 2023: Celebrating new openings: Back into activity with the new semester!

Bathing in the spring breeze, our students happily returned to their campuses, and our Green IT classroom program also set off again. In March, our teams established the 1st FORVIA Green IT Classroom in a primary school in Zhangzhou City, which is also the 10th Faurecia Green IT classroom. Earlier in the month, in addition, Cisco's volunteers held a Green IT classroom unveiling ceremony for a migrant school in Shanghai. With the support of our team, Cisco's volunteers provided lively and interesting courses for children during the three years of the epidemic, thus our love and care were not hindered by it.
After challenging times for all of us, we are definitely back this spring and hope to join hands with more partners to create sustainable impact for the common good, our schools and children.
Opening a colorful world for children: FORVIA opened its first Green IT Classroom in Zhangzhou, Fujian
On March 24th, 2023, with strong support from its leadership and volunteers, the world's seventh largest automotive technology supplier FORVIA established its first FORVIA Green IT classroom in a Zhangzhou Central Primary School in Fujian. This Green IT Classroom is also Faurecia’s the tenth Green IT Classroom, opened with the support of Maverlinn & Netspring teams. Since 2013, the program has provided 270 environment-friendly refurbished computers to schools in need, which benefited over 6500 students.
Ms. Kathy Sun, Vice President of Faurecia Asia Human Resources, handed over the Green IT Classroom nameplate to the school principal. Joyful students also expressed their welcome and gratitude with a very colorful performance during the opening ceremony. FORVIA management team also jointly planted an osmanthus tree with the school together in the school garden, and looks forward to witness the blooming of the tree in the future and the growth of the students.
“We always adhere to the faith and original intention to keep on supporting education and environmental protection. We also have greater confidence to give more happy meaning to this project. It is expected that with the participation and support of more people in the future, this project can maintain vitality and innovation forever and pass on positive social energy.”
_Xiaoli Zheng, Director of External Communications and Public Affairs of Faurecia China
“Our school doesn’t have the funds to replace advanced computer equipment, and cannot satisfy the students' desire to learn IT skills. Thanks to the Green IT classroom and extracurricular activity materials provided by FORVIA Group this time, it has solved the school's urgent needs.”
_School Principal
The volunteers also shared many happy moments with the students in the classroom, teaching Netspring coding classes and Maverlinn handicraft activities. In the coding classes, the students learned to write programs to plant trees. In the handicraft activities, they developed their imagination by composing pictures with natural elements. 
Before these activities, volunteers fully engaged in their preparation, under the guidance of Maverlinn Impact Innovation. After thorough in-class volunteering preparation, 95% of surveyed volunteers felt: "The volunteering training has brought me closer to other department employees and has had a positive impact on our future work." And "Our company is a socially responsible company, and I am proud of this.”
“This is the tenth time that I have participated in common good activities, but it is the first time that I participated as a FORVIA volunteer. This is one of the most heartwarming experiences I've ever had. It is unforgettable and meaningful to be able to help kids answer their questions closely”.
_From one FORVIA Volunteer
We would like to thank FORVIA Group and its volunteers into making a long lasting difference in the lives of these students, and also our local partner: Zhangzhou Xiangcheng Xiange Social Work Service Center for their support to the program.

Coding Enlightenment Class, Where Dreams Begin – “Cisco Green IT Classroom” Unveiling Ceremony was Successfully Held in Shanghai Migrant School

On March 2nd, 2023, supported by Shanghai United Foundation, Netspring and Cisco team held the inaugurate ceremony of “Cisco Green IT Classroom” in a migrant Primary School in Shanghai suburb. On the opening day, the children performed a song “Thank you” in sign language with bright smiles and played cucurbit flute which was the outstanding program of the school. Every gesture conveys gratitude and happiness.


“We would like to express our sincere thanks to Cisco, Netspring and the volunteers. With their consistent support, our students have developed a strong interests in programming. We found that the students have become more active, their imagination become richer, creativity has been enhanced, and knowledge has been broadened. We hope our students could give back to the society with what they have learned in the future!”

_Principal Pan of Shanghai Migrant School 


“Since the launch of our project in 2019 and the on-site school teaching activities in Apr., 2020, more than 30 volunteers have participated in it, benefiting 300+ children. The look in the eyes of the students who are eager to learn coding has inspired our volunteers to overcome various difficulties during the pandemic to teach students programming and persist till now. We are pleased to witness that the children have achieved outstanding results in 2021 and 2022 Franco-Chinese Environmental Month Students’ Digital Drawing and Art Competition. Today's ceremony is a new beginning, and we hope that more volunteers will participate in the future to help students develop their creativity while learning, thus throw a positive influence to the kids’ future.”

_from Cisco management team

After ceremony, Cisco’s volunteers shared the fun time with the students, having handicraft and coding classes together. Children actively involved and innovatively used clip art to present a more environment-friendly planet.


In the coding class, the volunteers explained the knowledge of quadrants step by step, and then led to "how to make a horse jump on the computer", the children's curiosity was instantly ignited and exclaimed, they couldn't wait to do the same on the computer, and learned a new skill in just one lesson. It's no wonder that programming is a hobby class that students rush to take.


Keep going - We will continue to explore innovative ways to solve the problems of environmental protection and educational resources.

We would like to thank all our supporters who have contributed their used computers and electronic equipment to our Green IT Programs over the past few years. In the future, we will continue to explore innovative ways to help vulnerable groups, promote public awareness of vulnerable children, reduce environmental problems and develop circular economy while encourages relevant enterprises, institutions and schools to participate in the action to maximize the social impact of the program. 


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