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Dec. 2022: Netspring teams and children wish you a Happy 2023!

In the new year, Netspring team would like to thank you for all what was accomplished. Despite a hard global environment, we could still continue to serve our students, implement distance volunteering and held meaningful activities. Besides fulfilling our mission of transforming "e-waste into e-learning", Netspring celebrated its 10th year anniversary, held an exhibition during the 9th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month, organized by the French Embassy in China with the support of the Consulate of France in Shanghai and the Chuang Gallery. We also received a CSR social innovation award, by the European Chamber.
Overall, in the 2nd half of the year, we have been very busy and would like to share with you a selection of our latest unforgettable and honorable moments. Despite challenging times, united we will keep moving forward and are all determined to fight and grow stronger! We wish you a Happy 2023!
Netspring won the 9th European Chamber “Excellence in Social Innovation” CSR Award
The 2022 European Chamber Corporate Social Responsibility Awards were held in Nanjing on Nov. 16th, 2022. Netspring was honored to win the “Excellence in Social Innovation” Award again in the NGO/ Social Enterprises” category. On this occasion, we were invited to share a video on Netspring Green IT Programs and reviewed the 10 years’ path with the audience. We sincerely thank all warm-hearted people and partners for their great help to the Netspring children in the past ten years.
We sincerely thank the European Chamber and all the judges for recognizing the impact Netspring has created for underprivileged students and the green economy. We are grateful to all our partners and supporters who helped us achieve this new milestone in such a challenging year.
Tech4Good - Consulate General of France in Shanghai Contributed Reusable Computers to Netspring

On Sept. 8th, 2022, Consulate General of France in Shanghai handed-over more than 40 reusable computers to Netspring Green IT Programs through its IT department and education department. These computers will be tested and refurbished then sent to underprivileged schools in China for teaching resources and aesthetic educational assistant. Netspring has collaborated with Consulate General of France in Shanghai on the annual “Franco-Chinese Environmental Month” since 2019.


We would like to express our special thanks to Consulate General of France in Shanghai to support us not only on Tech4Good for digital inclusion for our underprivileged children but also actively preserve our natural resources.


Netspring Made Contribution to Learning Bridge for Supporting Special Education Needs (SEN) Youth in Hong Kong

On October 21st, 2022, the contribution and acceptance ceremony was successfully held in Hong Kong on which Netspring handed-over four refurbished computers to Learning Bridge. Glendy Choi, the founder of Learning Bridge, awarded a certificate of gratitude to Vivian Fung, the representative of Netspring on the ceremony. These computers will be used to support Special Education Needs (SEN) youth’s internship and office work for LBHUB* project of Learning Bridge. After reaching expiration date, the computers will also be eco-friendly dismantled.


Learning Bridge is a Hong Kong registered NGO, with mission to help young adults with SEN to connect with the community and prepare them for the real-life working environment with confidence. It serves as a link from youth to a meaningful adulthood. 


Remarks of *: LBHUB – Provides an internship and employment base for IT-related jobs for SEN youth to integrate into the workplace in the intelligent era.


Virtuos Volunteers Inspired Migrant Students for Exploring in a Sustainable Way

Virtuos Shanghai and Netspring teams paid an annual visit to Virtuos Green IT Classroom in Shanghai Migrant School in Sept. and Oct., 2022. Relying on their strengths, Virtuos volunteers proactively inspired students on how to discover and protect our “Blue Planet”, encouraged them to express it via digital and creative artworks.


Since 2012, Virtuos has joined hands with Netspring on environment and e-waste management. On a yearly basis, Netspring helps Virtuos deal with its obsolete electronic devices to be eco-dismantled. Virtuos Group opened 3 Green IT classrooms in Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an, volunteers bring vivid IT and painting classes to children in 3 schools every year, stimulating children‘s imaginations and enlightening them to explore the unknown world in a sustainable way.


“When we teach children drawing and IT skills, we also hope to give children more platforms to develop their creativity. Through these fun and interactive activities, children would find a bigger and more exciting world. At the same time, we hope we could do more to contribute to corporate social responsibility.”

- Virtuos Shanghai General Manager


“I like to take computer classes as it is very interesting, I learned a lot about painting and environmental protection, and I won a prize in the drawing competition at last year's Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment, which made me very happy.”

- Shanghai Migrant School Student


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