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Nov. 23rd 2022: Celebrating Netspring 10th year anniversary during the 9th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month with the exhibition “The Blue Planet in the Eyes of Children” Tech4Good – When waste becomes art!

Celebrating Netspring 10th Year Anniversary
during the 9th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month
with the theme “Blue Planet in the Eyes of Children” 
Tech4Good – When waste becomes art !
On November 23, 2022, Chuang Gallery at Yuejie International Horticultural Expo Garden was honored to host a special cross-cultural event during the 9th Franco-Chinese month of the Environment, on the occasion of Netspring 10th year anniversary. A students’ award ceremony and exhibition themed “The Blue Planet in the Eyes of Children” were organised. Dr. Séverine BOUÉ, Consul for Education, Embassy of France / Consulate General of France in Shanghai, attended with our distinguished guests. Mr. Li Jingcheng, Vice President of Faurecia Asia Strategy & Development, also made a special trip to the event to give a congratulatory speech, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Faurecia Green IT Classroom Program.
"Congratulations to Netspring for its 10th anniversary, and thank you for your contributions to society since 2012. Through the beautiful artworks made by 447 students on the theme of the blue planet, we can see the concern among students that many marine species are endangered. The immediate priority is to reduce the pollution of the oceans by human activities and protect the planet. The embassy and consulate will continue to fully support and help Netspring's various activities." Dr. Séverine BOUÉ said.
This is the second Netspring and Maverlinn joint- exhibition to support students’ digital and creative talent. This collaboration aimed at bringing attention to their artwork and encouraging underprivileged children’s digital and painting talents. Since 2013, Netspring IT Programs and Maverlinn Art Classrooms have combined Green IT & Green Art through e-waste recycling and artistic environmental activities.
Stepping into the exhibition will surely take your breath away! You could see how much talent our children can demonstrate through vivid pieces of work and touching reinterpretation of the state of our planet in their eyes. Why not come and visit this exhibition? Listen, who is calling through the screen: "Let's quickly dispose of these rubbish to prevent the sea water from being polluted" It turned out that the colorful fish called their friends to act in the sea. This is an animation shown by the fifth-grade students of a migrant school through the "unique secrets" taught by volunteers in the student coding class. It is full of childishness and fascinating.

"In this season of gratitude, we sincerely thank all warm-hearted people and partners for their great help to the Netspring children in the past ten years. Looking ahead, we will continue our mission to bridge the digital divide, actively respond to climate change and continue to innovate. I hope that in the next ten years, we can continue to work together to build bridges for more children to connect to the digital world, and promise a better tomorrow for children!" said the representative of Netspring Green IT Programs.


E-waste is without a doubt a major source of environmental pollution. However, through the “Tech4Good and e-waste recycling” initiatives, we can make a difference in digital learning and art. Since 2019, Netspring Green IT Programs have taken part in the “Franco-Chinese Environmental Month”. The event aims at raising public environmental awareness whilst strengthening the cooperation between China and France in the field of environment. The theme of this year is "Blue Planet", focusing on the protection of rivers, wetlands, oceans and coastal areas. 


With this theme of the Blue Planet, we organized a competition in support of underprivileged schools to encourage their students in three categories: painting & drawing, digital painting and coding animation. Our aim was also to develop students’ awareness for the protection of our planet, whilst also stimulating their imagination, creativity, and artistic expression. From the collection of more than 400 artworks, we selected the most outstanding to be exhibited and hope to arouse wide public environmental awareness!

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the French Embassy in China, the Consulate General of France in Shanghai, Chuang Gallery and our partners Faurecia, Virtuos, Arkema and PVH for their great support to our students’ art exhibition! We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition and start your immersive tour! 


Exhibition dates: November 19 – December 11, 2022

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm (Closed on Monday)


Venue: B1 a, Building B4-2, Yuejie International Horticultural Expo Garden,

388 Bansongyuan Rd. Huangpu District, Shanghai


For more information, please check out on Faguowenhua.


Highlights of some excellent works:


Coding Animation:

Gold Award, "Plastic "Island" Surprised in the Sea", Songjiang, Shanghai


Silver Award, "Save the Dolphins", Songjiang, Shanghai


Bronze Award, "Protecting the Ocean", Taicang, Jiangsu Province



Digital Painting:

Gold Award, "Please Don't Kill", Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province


Silver Award, "Common Homeland", Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province


Traditional Drawing & Painting:

Award Collection from Jiashan, Zhejiang Province/Suzhou, Zhejiang Province/Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province, Shanghai, etc.


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