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May/Jun. 2021: Tech4Good with Arkema’s Second Green IT Classroom and PVH Sustainable Fashion!

As another school year is nearing its end, Netspring teams are happy to share a sample of their most recent work. With the support of our supporters such as Arkema and PVH, we were able to open new Green IT Classrooms as well as in hold volunteering activities in our supported schools. Furthermore, Netspring was invited to share insights on Tech4Good at a Sino-German Symposium.
We thank you for your support, wish you all a great summer and are looking forward to the new school year!
Arkema Opened a Second Green IT Classroom for its Supported School
To further improve its supported Lvfeng School in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Arkema helped build a second Green IT Classroom and equipped it with 50 refurbished computers. This will provide students with better learning conditions and opportunities. On the occasion of May 22 International Biodiversity Day, the opening ceremony of the new Green IT Classroom and yearly volunteering activity took place on May 21, 2021.
With the support of Maverlinn Green Art Classroom Program, Arkema volunteers organized the “2021 Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class” for 75 students of Grade 5, delivering lectures on biodiversity, English vocabulary learning and handicraft activities. Also, students exercised their creativity and colorfully expressed their understanding on biodiversity,. The activities aimed to allow young underprivileged students to benefit from a series of well-rounded activities. This provided them with an opportunity to develop the ability to imagine, create and express themselves via artistic activities, as well as establish environmental awareness.
"We sincerely thank Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class program for the past years, giving a lot of dedicated heart to our school, so that our children could experience a warm love." 
– Principal Zhang of Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School
Arkema has accompanied our students for 5 years, witnessing their growth and accomplishments and attracting more and more employees to join the volunteer team.
“We feel that it is very meaningful to discuss environmental issues with students, discuss our world and how to make it better. We are so happy to see the sincere smiles of our students.”  
– Volunteers from Arkema
PVH Volunteers Explain Sustainable Fashion to Students
In 2019, PVH Corp. opened its first Green IT classroom to foster digital inclusion for migrant students in Jiashan, Zhejiang province. These refurbished electronic devices have helped the school solve the problem of lacking IT resources and bridge students to access Internet and the outside world.
This June, PVH volunteers paid a return visit to their Jiashan school and introduced the concept of sustainable fashion and explained PVH’s environmentally friendly production process. They also delivered painting classes and handicraft classes to students. All students listened attentively and participated in a very joyful way.
Earlier in the year, PVH also held an e-waste drive for us. We thank PVH employees for their time and contribution.
"There are two worlds now, one is the real world and the other is the Internet world. Through the Internet, students can access infinite knowledge. I hope that these students would not set limits on themselves. After more than ten years, a bright future belongs to them. I wish every students learn and grow happily every day !"
— PVH Senior Management


Netspring on Tech4Good at CNBW Sino-German Symposium


Founded in 2020, the China Network Baden-Württemberg (CNBW) provides a platform for all interested parties from industry, administration, science and research etc., to promote intensive exchange and discussions. The CNBW Sino-German Working Group Take-off Event took place in May which offered diverse perspectives in the context of responsible business and discuss how corporate responsibilities can be deployed in China. Three speakers from science and business fields shared their theoretical and practical insights on this theme, including Netspring who shared its views on Tech4Good and impact on our communities.


Netspring Green IT program innovatively combines environmental and education equality issues, continuously expanding its social impact and increasing the number of beneficiaries. The speech brought new inspiration to the audience.


Did you know? Fun Facts about the E-waste Recycling Process

E-waste recycling refers to the reprocessing and re-use of these electronic wastes. Many components of e-waste can be recycled: plastic materials may be retrieved and sent for recycling, glass can be extracted from CRTs of computer monitors and televisions, and devices containing mercury may be sent to recycling facilities using specialized technology to eliminate mercury. Besides, scientific and efficient recycling approaches of precious metals in e-waste can greatly save resources and reduce production costs.


For sure, the first stage of recycling e-waste should be collecting and transporting. The next step is to shred and sort the e-waste. Shredding involves breaking e-waste into smaller pieces for proper sorting. The third step is dust extraction: tiny waste particles get smoothly spread via a shaking process on the conveyor belt and get broken down even further. Hence, the dust is extracted and discarded in an environmentally compliant manner. The fourth step is called magnetic separation, a strong overhead magnet helps to separate steel and iron from other wastes. Afterwards, water separation tech will be utilized to separate the glass from the plastic. After the waste stream is being purifying further, we finally come to the last stage: preparing recycled materials for sale as raw materials to produce new electronics.


To sum up, e-wasting recycling helps recover valuable materials, especially precious metals, from electronic wastes, saving natural resources and protecting the environment from pollution.


Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?
Don't simply discard them!
With Netspring, you can make them at good use for schools and communities in need and help protecting the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

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* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube