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Feb. 2021: A Bright New Start in 2021 – Faurecia on its 9th Year with Netspring Children

On the occasion of the new year and for the new semester, Netspring team continued to empower the schools and communities in need and reduce digital inequality by transforming e-waste into e-learning. We are happy to see that our long-term partner Faurecia renewed its Chongqing classroom on its 9th year of cooperation. Moreover, the annual AmCham Shanghai e-waste drive will soon take place: We sincerely invite you to join us on the occasion of Earth Day 2021.
Happiness is long-lasting as hope is transmitted - Faurecia Chongqing Green IT Class renewed with love
In January 2021, with the love and care from Faurecia teams, Netspring visited and renewed the school which is located in mountain area in Zhongxian County, Chongqing. This Faurecia Green IT Classroom was set up three years ago. Hand in hand, we will continue to lead the students towards a brighter future. This school is located in a remote mountainous area, and 70% students are left-behind children. These children welcomed us shyly but warmly, and they could not help coming to the Green IT class to take a look, full of curiosity about the newly installed computers.
I like the IT class, because we can learn a lot of new knowledge. The computer is a tool for us to acquire new knowledge. We can also learn new topics about nature through the computer."
_Student of Chongqing School
With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this renewed Green IT classroom will play an important role in enabling children to access information and connecting them with the outside world. The partnership between Netspring and Faurecia begun in 2013, when Faurecia launched the first green IT classroom in Shanghai Jiading. Since then, Faurecia opened one green IT classroom every year to provide e-education support for the left-behind children across China, and set up a skill learning platform for teachers. So far, Faurecia China has provided more than 200 computers, benefiting more than 5,400 students.
"The green IT classroom program has been in operation for many years. It has not only received positive feedback from employees within the company, but also created positive social value in environmental protection, education, culture and other aspects. It is recognized by the community and is a public welfare practice that is highly compatible with Faurecia's corporate values."
_President, Faurecia China
"We wish that these actions can be useful and bring fun to children’s learning. At the same time, we also hope the seeds of love can be sown in the young hearts of children."
_Public Affairs and External Communications Director, Faurecia China
Let’s Meet on April 22, for Earth Day: Forthcoming Annual AmCham Shanghai E-Waste Drive
To echo International Earth Day, AmCham Shanghai is kicking off its 2021 Earth Day Event with our annual e-waste recycling drive by collaborating with Netspring Green IT Programs on April 22. 
AmCham Shanghai's 2021 Earth Day Event provides a unique opportunity for companies and social organizations to preserve our planet’s resources for future generations. Netspring will recycle the collections and refurbish the reusable items for schools and communities in need as digital tools more than ever that are key to access learning for all.
All participants are welcome to drop off obsolete computers and electronics on Thursday, April 22, 2021 between 9:30am - 4:00pm at the AmCham Shanghai Infinitus Tower Office (27F, Infinitus Tower, No.168 Hubin Road, Huangpu District).
Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation on-site with their contributions. Considering the sanitary situation, we could also arrange a pick-up for quantities above 30 computers, in case you need more time for e-devices’ collection. Besides drop-offs in Shanghai, Netspring can now manage the recycling or re-use of bulk quantities of obsolete computers/office equipment in other cities across China.
For more information and details, please kindly click HERE or write to

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