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Nov. 20th, 2018: Netspring Celebrates its European Chamber CSR Award and a Green IT Classroom Opening!

Netspring Celebrates its European Chamber CSR Award and the 7th Faurecia Green IT Classroom Opening


Netspring on the Podium for Excellence in Responsible Innovation at the European Chamber CSR Awards

On November 15th, 2018 Netspring won the European Chamber CSR Award in the SME/Social Enterprise category for Excellence in Responsible Innovation, which took place in Nanjing. We are grateful to all our sponsors and partners to have supported us in reaching this rewarding milestone. 

In 2012, our founding vision and mission of supporting the digital education of underprivileged children, whilst supporting the circular economy by “Transforming e-waste into e-education” remains more than ever valid. 

In our fast digitalizing global economies, Netspring will continue to innovate and bring digital and technology skills for underprivileged students. Netspring will also work as a catalyst to include as many communities as possible in the digital economy. This is for example illustrated in our recent efforts to foster the digital inclusion of the Visually Impaired in China, and to protect the planet through our Green 3R box.

Netspring would like to thank all organizations having supported our Green IT Classroom programs and our innovations and bring underprivileged communities skills, knowledge hope and a sense of warmth from caring communities. 

Faurecia Opened its 7th Green IT Classroom to Foster Technological Innovation in Fengcheng, Jiangxi

Technological Innovation is at the core of Faurecia’s Mission, “Inspiring Mobility”. Through the Green IT classrooms, we would like underprivileged children to learn and feel the power of technology and encourage them to explore the world to innovate.

- Mr. François Tardif, President of Faurecia China

On November 16th, 2018, Faurecia China opened its 7th Green IT classroom to foster digital inclusion and innovation of underprivileged children in China, in Fengcheng, Jiangxi province. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Francois Tardif, President of Faurecia China, Mr. Li Jingcheng, Vice-President of Faurecia China Strategy & Development and President of Faurecia Coagent, Mr. Gan Mao Huang GM of Faurecia Coagent and 30 enthusiastic Faurecia volunteers.

In a joyful atmosphere, full of laughters, the volunteers taught the students how to use student coding software to create their own cartoon. The students immensely enjoyed their day, during which they also created 3D robots. 

We wholeheartedly would like to thank Faurecia’s long-term support from Netspring very first steps till today!


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