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Turning Dreams into Reality: With Netspring, Give All Children Equal Opportunities in a Fast-digitalizing World


While the summer breeze tickles one’s cheek and the flowers continue blossoming after one another, Netspring team is proud to unveil its work! 

We start off with the launch of the Netspring Special Needs IT Classrooms fundraising campaign in cooperation with Tencent and Shanghai United Foundation, which will allow more visually-impaired children to acquire technical skills and knowledge, whilst stimulating their imagination. Our campaign will last till November 1st, with 3 special matching days between September 7th and 9th. 

The great news is that your contributions can truly make a difference for these underprivileged children or adults and allow their IT dreams to come true. 

“How?”, you may ask?

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If your company is interested in becoming a Netspring Matching Gift partner (before Aug. 30) during the 3-day Tencent 9/9 campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 021 - 6510 9063 or emailing Allie Zhang:


Netspring, the key to IT skills and flourishing dreams in Owens Corning Guangzhou Green IT Class  

"Our IT teacher has shown us digital application. When I grow up, I want to be a game developer. It’s so cool to produce fantastic animation and effects by the computer."

Dream of Qiu Changsheng

Grade 4 student, Owens Corning Green IT Class, Guangzhou


In June, our Netspring team revisited Owens Corning Green IT Classroom migrants’ school in Guangzhou on site. Thanks to Owens Corning, more than 1,100 underprivileged children have acquired advanced technology and communication skills.

From discovering digital art tools to forge unique designs in Grade 3 or using interactive software to study for their High School Entrance Exams, the children have strongly benefited from their Netspring Green IT Classroom. It has allowed many, despite their underprivileged background to break barriers and discover new horizons. 


A successful revisit of Stora Enso Green IT Classroom in Jiashan

"Netspring Green computers make learning more practical and increase curiosity among our students to a great extent."

Director Li, Stora Enso Green IT Classroom, Jiashan


In June, Netspring team also revisited other schools such as in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, supported by Stora Enso. Through our Green IT classroom program, this partnership has been successful in fulfilling the aspirations of more than 600 students, giving them digital insights and sharpening their technological skills during the past three years.

We are also glad that the local government is coming up with strategies to improve the educational means of the migrant children. Owing to this, these underprivileged students can move to public schools with better facilities and amenities next semester. After discussion and agreement with both the school and Stora Enso, Netspring will continue to support some computers for the teachers to use, whilst others have been dismantled in an eco-friendly way.


Upcoming event: Our 10th Netspring/AmCham Shanghai Used Electronics Drive in Suzhou on September 18th


Don’t miss the 2018 Suzhou E-Drive for Used Electronic Items event!

This September, after the launch of our new Netspring Green 3R Boxes, unique and elegant wooden drop-off containers, with a flair for Nature, Netspring team will bring the idea of “Transforming E-waste into E-learning” to Suzhou again, a city fully revealing the charm of its natural beauty with exquisite gardens. So come join us on Tuesday, September 18 between 13:00–16:30 and dispose of your unwanted electronics to preserve our natural resources and help forging a greener future for the generations to come

For more information, please click here or contact Allie via email or call +86 21 6510 9063 or +86 182 2178 4104.  



Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?
Don't simply discard them!
With Netspring, you can make them at good use for underprivileged schools in China and help protecting the environment.

Wish to know more, support or learn about volunteering opportunities? 
please contact us
Phone: +86 (21) 6510 9063

* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube