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Netspring June/July Newsletter: Pursuing innovation to create long-term shared value together!

Netspring team is proud to share our exciting progress. First of all, we continued to promote our program in Europe via Rotaract Club Berlin International. Secondly, Netspring team organized volunteering activities and annual revisit trips to both migrant and rural schools, as well as tracked the progress of our programs there. Thirdly, we have launched our first official Netspring Green 3R Box collection in DIAM Kunshan factory. Acting on the 3R principles “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, our Green 3R Boxes are designed for dropping-off unwanted electronic items such as computers, mobiles or batteries. Fourthly, some generous organizations and individuals came to us and gave us an array of electronic devices to support our programs. Looking ahead, we are preparing to launch the 10th Netspring/Amcham Used Electronics Drive on September 18th in Suzhou, we hope to see you there!


Netspring in Europe: Interacting with Rotaract Club Berlin International

“The presentation of Netspring Green IT programs showcases exactly the reason why we should keep on going - keep on going to at least try and change! Change our minds, thus our behaviour to have an increased green and sustainable impact - changing to make our planet a better place to be. That’s what Netspring seems to achieve - very well done!”
Rotaract Club Berlin International Vice-President Mr. Leonardo Bornhäußer

On July 11th, Netspring team presented our Green IT Classroom program in Berlin, Germany at the workshop held by Rotaract Club Berlin International. The presentation focused on explaining how we successfully transform e-waste into e-learning and the educational impact this has on under-privileged children in China. The speech was well-received, club members thought highly of the program, and addressed Netspring as a very meaningful and inspiring social enterprise, making very positive waves in China.
With Owens Corning Volunteers, Knowledge Becomes the Key to a Brighter Future!

Last June, Netspring team was more than happy to carry out multiple classes with Owens Corning volunteers in a migrant school in Jiashan. Thanks to the volunteer’s dedication and motivation, 40 students had the opportunity of creating astounding animations through Powerpoint and discover the importance of garbage classification with our environment protection classes. The children were also taught of the importance of teamwork in the arduous road to success through interactive games initiated by the volunteers.


With Blessing Hands, Revisiting our Special Needs School in Guangxi for the Visually Impaired 

Our Guangxi Special Needs school has the particularity of being located on a mountainous landscape and aiding children with disabilities. Netspring team in partnership with Blessing Hands revisited the school on the 26th of June in order to check installed computers and replace worn out ones. For example, visually impaired children benefit from acquiring new skills and digital abilities thus opening them new doors that would have closed to them had nothing been done, such as typing an article on a computer!


1,2,3 Scratch: MIT coding software in Bayer Taicang Green IT Classroom

Netspring alongside with Bayer set up an IT classroom in a school located in Taicang city. This semester, teachers introduced the children to the renowned program Scratch designed by MIT media lab whilst Netspring provided the teaching materials. The results were bewildering. Owing to their instinctive imagination and acquired skills, the children created unique and artsy animations. One would be surprised to discover flying unicorns, eerie backgrounds and brave medieval knights in their animations, as if these characters walked out from a fairy tale!


Aligning Creativity and Technology with our First and Only Netspring Green 3R Boxes Collection

It has come to one’s attention that over 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is released in the environment yearly with only 10% to 18% being recycled. Appalling isn’t in? You may dear reader contribute to shaping a greener future for the generations to come. How you may ponder? By supporting our unique and authentic Green 3R boxes, elegant wooden boxes designed by DIAM, whom we would like to thank again for their endless help. On top of being environmental friendly as electronic waste may be disposed in the boxes, they have the advantage of being attractive and simple. These boxes can also be personalized to fit in with anyone’s working environment through its flexible doors design, pick and choose collection and flourishing plants to cultivate your own and personalized inner garden. By choosing to support the Netspring Green 3R box, not only are you promoting the 3Rs principles “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” but are you changing the lives of under-privileged children and visually impaired.

Also being at the junction of social innovation and environmental protection, be advised that our Netspring logo has in past two years been misused by third parties e-waste projects, infringing on our IP rights in China. Should you want to verify that your computers or e-waste really reached us, please write to Allie :


Many thanks to those supporting Netspring by transforming E-waste into E-learning

“I've known Netspring program for a long time, and I think it is very good to contribute to a greener environment and bring technology learning opportunities to the under-privileged children in China.”

By our Supporter

Netspring would like to specifically and whole-heartedly thank its dedicated supporters MCIGraf von WestphalenXingyitianxia (行益天下公益组织), and many kind people for their contribution to our programme. 
Save the date for the 10th Netspring/Amcham Used Electronics Drive on September 18th!

This coming September, Netspring team will join hands with AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Center again along with Tishman Speyer and University of North Alabama, to launch the 2018 Suzhou E-Drive for Used Electronic Items. Come join us on Tuesday, September 18 between 13:00–16:30 and dispose of your used or unwanted electronics and related parts. Any individuals, companies and organizations are welcome to participate. 

For detailed information, please click here or contact Allie via email or call +86 21 6510 9063 or +86 18221784104.  

Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?
Don't simply discard them!
With Netspring, you can make them at good use for underprivileged schools in China and help protecting the environment.

Wish to know more, support or learn about volunteering opportunities? 
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* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube