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Netspring May Newsletter: Sharing Innovation is Caring: What happens inside our Green IT classrooms and beyond?

In May, Netspring team was busy with volunteering activities such as carrying out a Green Energy & Environmental Protection day with Edwards corporate volunteers. We also completed our pilot tests for our new Distance Digital Workshops in PwC Green IT Classrooms to increase our teachers and students’ e-learning capacity. In addition, our team shared our programs with industry experts and peers to explore innovation and sustainability in recent conferences. Last but not least, we were happily taking care of our students, revisiting and following-up our Green IT classrooms across China.
Green Educational Trip to Edwards Green IT Classroom
On May 25th, Edwards volunteers and Netspring team made a revisit trip to a migrant school in Shanghai and organized Green Energy & Environmental Protection Awareness activities for almost 40 students. Netspring team also did the onsite inspection of Edwards Green IT classroom and replaced a broken desktop with a spare one.
Edwards volunteers held three activities for the students by means of lessons, computer practice and recycling game. The classes created a fun atmosphere for the students to retain IT information and eco-friendliness ideas.
Edwards Green IT Classroom was set up in September 2016 and have brought IT inclusion to the campus of around 500 migrant family children. 
Netspring Distance Digital Workshops Now Available!
Innovation is definitely in Netspring’s DNA. We are proud to announce that we have implemented successful pilots in Distance Digital Workshops. Over the past month, we have conducted several tests in PwC two Green IT Classrooms in Sichuan to finalize the evaluation of the functional performance.

The new digital interactive workshops will facilitate IT education; our teachers and students in schools whether near big cities or in remote mountain regions will benefit from the more personalized coaching. Thanks in advance for your future support to our underprivileged schools!

Netspring Team Invited to Bayer's Public Welfare Innovation and Social Enterprise Investment Exchange Conference
Netspring team was delighted to attend Bayer’s Public Welfare Innovation and Social Enterprise Investment Exchange conference in Shanghai to share our missions and achievements with Celina Chew - Chairman Bayer, Boyong Yuan - Senior Manager of Bayer CSE & Sustainability, Marc Buckley - UN SDG advocate & Guru Social Entrepreneur Impact Innovator and all the inspiring social enterprise representatives attended. 

Furthermore, Netspring team participated in European Chamber’s roundtable Enabling Equality: Furthering Disability Equality in the Workplace held in Shanghai, exchanging with a number of companies and organization on our new Special Needs programme which fosters technological innovation to the service of the Visually Impaired.

Together, we hope to create a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable world with all the social innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Happily Busy and Nurturing Our Students All Around China!
Every month, Netspring team keeps contact and correspondence with our schools, ascertains the changes in Green IT Classrooms and follows up with our students’ progress. We are pleased to share with you some of our most touching memories with our schools, teachers and students.
Electronic Artwork by Student Mengqing FAN - Owens Corning Green IT Classroom in Xi’an
Student’s electronic poster by WPS software - ITC Green IT Classroom
“The 21st century is information era, it is extremely important for primary students to have timely education in computers and technology. Therefore, we are very grateful to Stora Enso and Netspring team for establishing a Green IT Classroom here. With the computers, students can not only surf for more information but also be more open and willing to learn technology; they’ll end up becoming better.” 
Teacher Li - Stora Enso Green IT Classroom
“IT Class is students’ favorite class. Most of our students don’t have computers at home, and Freudenberg Green IT classroom provides the opportunity for them to receive hands-on practice. Therefore, each time there is an IT class, our children are very excited; they are so curious about the internet and information outside the textbooks.” 
Teacher Zhao – Freudenberg Green IT Classroom

Think and Act Green Anytime

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