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Netspring March Newsletter: Netspring Social Innovation Model Catches International Attention

Netspring Social Innovation Model Catches International Attention

In March, Netspring team was not only busy with Green IT Classrooms, but also dealt with many events such as innovative workshops and E-waste drives.


Notre Dame University MBA students visit Netspring: “A life changing experience”

After an interview of Netspring founders for a research on social enterprises conducted by the University of Hong-Kong in July 2017, Netspring dialogued once more with international universities.

During the workshop, 40 US Notre Dame University MBA students learned about our Special Needs Green IT classes and experienced the visually impaired’s daily mobility challenges, such as learning how to use a computer or even a cell phone.

Students showed extremely high interest, raised many questions about China and gained a better understanding of the situation of people with impairment. Ms. Michaela Vokounova, Program Manager for Talent Development - Asia at International Study Programs shared, "I would like to THANK YOU (Netspring team) so much for the wonderful event. The students loved it, everyone was really enthusiastic, it was a life-changing experience."


Netspring invited to speak at the International Frankfurt Rotaract Club

On March 12th, Netspring team delivered its first European speech in Frankfurt, Germany at the International Frankfurt Rotaract Club. The presentation not only presented Netspring programs but also broader environmental challenges in China and the world.

Club members were very interested and the president of the International Frankfurt Rotaract Club - Ms. Laura Ștefana Mojilian shared, “While having received an insightful overview of the recycling situation in China, it is to our belief that Netspring represents a balanced solution towards responsibly managing waste and equally supporting children into their educational endeavors, as well as on their path to a better, healthier and up to date world.


Teaching IT to nurture future Visually Impaired IT teachers

On March 7th, our first Teach the Visually Impaired Teachers IT learning program started, as a collaboration between Netspring team, Alex, our visually impaired engineer and Shanghai Pudong Library. Thanks to funding from the 2017 Tencent 99 Charity Day, our teachers in training might become teachers of future Netspring Special Green IT classrooms for visually impaired children.


Successful 9th Netspring/Amcham Used Electronics Waste Drive

On March 21st, Netspring team and Amcham Shanghai held their 9th Used Electronics Waste Drive in Shanghai. The event was very successful, as Netspring team received more than 100 computers equipment and 350 other electronics items which will find a second life in underprivileged schools after repair or be environmentally eco-dismantled.

Grateful thanks to Amcham Shanghai for organizing and all participating companies for their contributions:

Amcham Shanghai, Caterpillar, Cook, Eastman, Hines, Mission Foods, NFL, RR Donnelley Asia, SASCO, Shanghai Centre


Environmental awareness and E-waste workshop at GSE Group

In March, Netspring team held a workshop with GSE Group Shanghai office to share the idea of environmental friendly E-waste management and Netspring Green IT Classrooms Program. During the meeting, Netspring interacted with GSE members and the General Manager of ASIA Division – Mr. Malergue. At the end of the workshop, GSE supported the digital inclusion of underprivileged children in China with computers. Many thanks to GSE’s generosity!


Grateful Thanks from Principal Meng, Cushman & Wakefield Green IT Classroom

“We are a school for migrant worker’s children. Due to low tuition and no profit, education and teaching facilities are relatively limited. For a long period of time, students did even not have a computer classroom. Later on, thanks to Netspring Green IT Classroom program, 60 laptops equipped our school. Since then, children have begun to enjoy computers lessons. Thank you Cushman & Wakefield!”

Principal Meng - Cushman & Wakefield Green IT Classroom


Join Netspring Special Needs Workshops - Thursday April 19th

Learn about the development of our programme and how you can experience and support Netspring’ s Special Green IT Classroom for the visually impaired children.

Seats are limited, and priority access to event on personal invitation only.

Please register with Allie for comprehensive access details.

Date: April 19th Thursday

Time: 9:30-11:30 A.M

Venue: Shanghai Pudong Library


Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?

Don't simply discard them!

With Netspring team, you can make them at good use for underprivileged schools in China and help protect the environment.

Contact us anytime on +86 (21) 6510 9063 or

* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube