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Netspring April Newsletter: When West Meets East to Build a Greener Future for our Children

In April, Netspring Green IT classes gained further support in China and abroad. Our team not only organized Owens Corning 4th Green IT classroom unveiling ceremony in Xi’an, but also welcomed Dutch students from Utrecht University Innovation Sciences. Last but not least, our first 2018 promotion of visually impaired IT teachers graduated, making them ready for teaching IT in future Special Needs Green IT classrooms. Netspring team is proud of their heart-touching achievement!
Owens Corning Green IT Classroom Unveiling Ceremony in Xi'an 
After establishing Owens Corning Green IT Classrooms in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou, on April 17th, Owens Corning unveiled its 4th Green IT Classroom in Xi'an. A grand welcome ceremony was held in the school in presence of local government. The school authority and students expressed their great appreciation to Owens Corning for its timely and helpful support in IT education. 

Mr. Don Rettig, President of Owens Corning Foundation & Director Community Relations, Mr. Paul Wei, Owens Corning Vice President & Managing Director in Asia Pacific and 15 volunteers joined the volunteer activities to share knowledge on green energy and inspired the students to design their dream houses. 

Owens Corning also renewed their 1st Green IT classroom and offered additional Green computers to its Beijing school to increase its educational impact. 

We thank United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of the Owens Corning Foundation. 
Celebrating Earth Day with Utrecht University Innovation Students

"We chose to visit Netspring as it is a beautiful example of putting the circular economy to use. On top of that you also have a large social impact which is inspiring to us! ”
Foreign Relations, SSU Foundation
On April 19th, to celebrate Earth Day, Netspring organized a Special Green IT workshop for students of the Utrecht University, with Shanghai Pudong Library. Curator Wang introduced a barrier-free reading environment for the visually impaired. 15 visiting students from the Netherlands showed great interest in our Netspring Green IT program and experienced how it felt to be deprived of sight in an experiential learning workshop. This led them to better understand the challenges faced by the Visually Impaired in their everyday lives and how to potentially build more inclusive social innovation models. Netspring was honored to have shared its innovative program with the Utrecht University students, who cared much about social and environmental impacts.
First Visually Impaired IT Teachers Graduation
On April 17th, the two-month special workshop for visually impaired IT teachers was successfully finalized. During this period, 8 visually impaired seed teachers had not only strengthened their IT skills but also learnt the teaching methods to teach visually impaired children. Specifically, they had an in-depth study of the remote teaching system, curriculum standardization & design etc. in combination with practical exercises to simulate the real teaching environment. Netspring team congratulates all the seed teachers and hopes to cooperate with them in forthcoming Special Needs Green IT classes. 
Testimonial: Thanks Blessing Hands for Special Needs Green IT Classroom in Guangxi
Netspring team is glad to share a heart-touching testimonial from Blessing Hands Special Needs IT Classroom. 
Thanks Blessing Hands and Netspring team for offering and maintaining the computers. The computers are really helpful. With the computers, we hold regular IT classes. Our school also organizes 50-min computer free practice time every day; I always see our children using the computers to watch videos, listen to the music or browse the pages online. They enjoy Netspring Green IT Classroom very much.” 
Director Lu

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