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Activity: Revisit of Piaget Multi-Media Classroom

We sincerely appreciate the great support from Piaget to the “Green IT Classroom” program. After 2 years’ running, we are honored to provide Piaget with a revisit report of the classroom’s recent usage.

As of 2 years ago, the company Piaget opened a Green IT classroom to the benefit of the children of Nan Shu School. The 16 of June 2015, a small team composed of five people went to Nan Shu School in the Weitang town in order to check on the well being of the children and the computers.  

While our computer engineer was passing around the class testing all the electronics’ installations of the class, Brigitte, Aliette and Hugo, with the help of Ally gave the students an English lesson. Moreover, they voluntarily teach the grade five “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” a song that they learned during their own childhood. 
As a return of favor, the Chinese children generously teach us about the Chinese version of this song. 


When our role as both teacher and student was over, we had the opportunity to join a Chinese class. Being in such environment was a very interesting experience for us. Since we learn about other ways of teaching, and how education works in the Chinese’s culture.