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Nov,2013: At ALCOA, giving back to the community is not just a slogan!

Dear friends,

Today I’d like to provide some background information on Netspring’s Green IT Classroom Against Poverty program and ALCOA’s involvement with this fine organization. 
I first heard of Netspring when they participated in Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Social Responsibility meeting. At ALCOA, giving back to the community is not just a slogan but a basic part of our business philosophy. ALCOA Foundation has contributed more than RMB 50 million (USD 8 million) to Chinese communities since 2004. At the ALCOA Wheels grand opening last December, we announced that the ALCOA Foundation had agreed to provide a RMB 300,000 (USD50,000) grant to the Wuzhong community. The 2 priorities of the ALCOA Foundation are education and the environment. Netspring’s Green IT Classroom Against Poverty program lets us combine these two goals through the recycling of computers and electronics—items that otherwise would have been thrown away—and a wonderful new computer room to help enhance and stimulate learning for China’s future leaders .

I can without hesitation state that I was very impressed with the Yucai Green IT Classroom event on Nov. 4, 2013. Everything was well organized, the classroom looked great, and the students were highly engaged in their classes. As promised by Netspring, our corporate volunteers had a wonderful experience interacting with the students and giving back to our neighborhood. 
By cooperating with Netspring, we will ensure maximum use of the Green IT classroom, implementing all we have learnt to make this project comprehensive and life changing for the students. With our employee engagement in volunteer programs throughout the year, we will constantly improve not just our employees, our company, but most importantly, the future of our next generation!

Ron Campbell  

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