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Sept 21st, 2018: After a busy back to School, May the Full Moon Bring Blessings From Our Home to Yours!

While thousands of scholars were preparing for their “Back to School”, September was also a busy month for Netspring Team who revisited schools and held an array of events. 

For starters, PwC has decided to continue supporting two underprivileged schools in Sichuan province for an additional three years. Such a renewal not only underlines the prominence of “sustainable cycles” but also guarantees a more secure future for those children.

Secondly, was held in partnership with Amcham Shanghai in Suzhou, a bewildering 10th Used Electronics Waste Drive. Thanks to the motivation and dedication of our supporters, Netspring team has collected a ground-breaking number of computers.

Last but not least we wish you all a Happy Mid-autumn Festival and give you all our blessings!


A Successful Reinstallation of 2 Green IT Classrooms Under the Support of PWC

We really appreciate PwC and Netspring Team’s continual support to our school and children. We will use the computers in a good way, not only to study hard, but also to pass the positive energy!

- Principal CHEN

It has come to one’s concern that the socio-economical gap between urban and rural areas has not only widened with the rise of technology but is now a substantial handicap. This means that whether they are raised in mountainous grounds or flourishing cities, they will unfortunately not have the same access to education and thus not hold the same keys to secure a happy future. 

Companies have luckily decided to act. It is with great joy that we share the news that PwC has decided to renew its support to two underprivileged schools in Nanchong Sichuan province for an additional three years. Thanks to PwC’s continual support, Netspring team has managed to replace old malfunctioning computers, reinstall over 25 computers for each school and made sure that the children were exposed to new opportunities through diverse learning resources. 

A Successful Event with AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Centre
– 10th Used Electronic Waste Drive

On September 18th, Netspring team and AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Centre held its 10th Used Electronic Waste Drive. The event was extremely successful as Netspring received a ground-breaking 800 computers and related equipment, as well as 56 other electronics items in Suzhou and also Tianjin.

Owing to our supporters’ contributions and generosity, these digital equipment after being repaired or environmentally eco-dismantled professionally will be given a second life in underprivileged schools. Special thanks and a round of applause for AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Centre for arranging such a successful event!

A warm thank you and much gratefulness for all participating companies and individual for their contributions: AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Centre, Crown, KEMET, Lotus United, MSA (China), Poly-Cast, Rogers, Smiths Group, Suzhou TF-AMD, Tishman Speyer, University of North Alabama, WESCO, Zhang Weijiang.

Furthermore, after the launch of our genuine Netspring 3R Green Box last June, we are proud to announce that we also enhanced our capacity to protect the environment by expanding our e-waste services all over China. 

Note: Be also advised that there had never been any lawful partnership between Green Initiatives and Netspring on e-waste management. Any declaration or communication, past or present, claiming that the “[WE] project was launched in cooperation with Netspring in May/June 2016”, to justify the diversion of our name, logo and resources, is false, misleading and fraudulent. At that time, Green Initiatives was not registered in China . They would later incorporate as an environmental business under SAIC. They also claim to be a non-profit, but they are not.

Think and Act Green Anytime

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