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FORVIA Green IT Classroom Inspiring Tomorrow successfully opened in Baguazhou, Nanjing

Following the successful launch of the first FORVIA Green IT classroom in Zhangzhou at the beginning of 2023, FORVIA's CSR stepped into Nanjing. Along the Yangtze River, FORVIA Green IT classroom themed with “Inspiring Tomorrow” was successfully opened on Baguazhou Island. On the event day, Faurecia China President, Executive Vice President Human Resources HELLA Asia Pacific, and nearly 30 volunteers from Faurecia and HELLA Nanjing came to Baguazhou and attended the inauguration ceremony together with teachers and student representatives of the school. Faurecia and HELLA jointly provided 30 refurbished computers, contributing to the circular economy while protecting the environment, providing students and teachers with access to information resources, and spreading the concept of sustainability. This opening also marked the 11th Green IT Classroom supported by FORVIA Group.
"Problems such as resource scarcity and environmental pollution are common challenges facing all mankind. As a leading automotive technology company, we believe that acting responsibly is the key to ensuring sustainable development, and we insist on playing an important role in this. Through the Green IT Program, we hope to help children explore the world and contribute to a greener future."
__Faurecia China President
Baguazhou Island is the largest island in Nanjing and the third largest island in the Yangtze River. It is known as "Green Island in the river". The sustainable story of FORVIA and Baguazhou Island is orderly unfolding. The volunteers also prepared rich and interesting activities, demonstrated the harm of e-waste in the green IT classroom, and co-created with students a series of animations with the theme of "reducing electronic pollution on Baguazhou Island". In the environmental handicraft class, volunteers and children worked together to make creative handmade works from leaves picked from Baguazhou Island. These activities let the "seeds" of ecological environmental protection take root and sprout in the hearts of children. Netspring team looks forward to further promotion of green environmental awareness in the green IT classroom while providing learning resources for the local community, and also thanks FORVIA Group and its volunteers for their support and hard work.
"It turns out that electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are also severe hazards. I will share what I have learned today with my family and work together to protect the earth."
__School student