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Netspring teams and children wish you a Happy 2023!

In the new year, Netspring team would like to thank you for all what was accomplished. Despite a hard global environment, we could still continue to serve our students, implement distance volunteering and held meaningful activities. Besides fulfilling our mission of transforming "e-waste into e-learning", Netspring celebrated its 10th year anniversary, held an exhibition during the 9th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month, organized by the French Embassy in China with the support of the Consulate of France in Shanghai and the Chuang Gallery. We also received a CSR social innovation award, by the European Chamber.
Overall, in the 2nd half of the year, we have been very busy and would like to share with you a selection of our latest unforgettable and honorable moments. Despite challenging times, united we will keep moving forward and are all determined to fight and grow stronger! We wish you a Happy 2023!