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PwC distance volunteering courses: May the students keep learning like the sun rises

With continuous support from PwC, a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Netspring team developed distance activities for students adapt to current situation of Covid-19 influence. After the volunteering training by Netspring and sound preparation by PwC, the 2nd distance volunteering activity was kicked off on April 10 and will continue until June. 
In addition to the basic computer courses, in order to expand the knowledge of left-behind children and migrant children, volunteers have tailor made a few new course topics such as Traditional Music and English Dialogue, which were loved by the students who couldn’t learn from normal classes. 
More than 300 students from 2 PwC schools were involved in the distance learning courses of PowerPoint, Digital Painting and Environmental Protection, plus English Storytelling, and the students have shown great adaptation and participation in all the distance classes. Students were able to follow different class topics and contents. In some English classes, fun activities coordinated by the volunteer teachers aroused students’ enthusiasm. They actively responded and joyfully cooperated with each other. Due to their excellent performance, every student in Class 5, Grade 5 received creative bookmarks as an award from the volunteers in the painting course. 
Students really enjoyed all the classes you arranged and loved every teacher who taught them. They especially loved Fun English, IT, and Digital Painting, and they have made progress. We hope the pandemic situation will improve so that the students could continue their classes at the school.”

- Principal of Nanchong School, PwC Green IT Class

We thank all the teachers and volunteers from PwC for the great support in the past two months. You all have always shown patience and a warm smile while distance activities. Thank you for your heart and devotion in bringing the children better educational experiences.