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Save the Date: E-waste Drive in Beijing – Nov. 2nd, 2021 (Tuesday)


To echo 8th Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment, Netspring proposes to organize an e-waste recycling drive to reduce environmental pollution caused by e-waste and protect soil, plants, and water resources as well as human health. Netspring will recycle the collections and refurbish the reusable items to outfit Green IT classrooms in rural or migrant children schools throughout China, providing teachers with digital teaching equipment and bringing better educational resources to students or communities in need.

E-waste Drive Activity Details:
All the individuals and companies in Beijing are welcome to provide obsolete computers and electronics. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation with their contributions. Netspring team will recycle the collections and refurbish the reusable items to outfit e-classrooms in rural or migrant schools throughout China as digital tools more than ever that are key to access learning for all. All electronic items collected will support the Netspring Green IT Programs.
Founded in 2012, NETSPRING is a pioneer social enterprise dedicated to transforming e-waste into e-education. Netsping has collaborated with the Mois franco-chinois de l’environnement for the past 3 years. Netspring team has provided access to digital technology for more than 70,000 children to benefit from a better education, whilst protecting the environment.
Netspring teams also organize volunteering and team building activities in the schools for corporate volunteers and local communities. In 2020, NETSPRING developed distance teaching in the time of Covid-19 and provided distance support to the students and their teachers which received extremely positive feedback.
Items collected include:
  • Computers, laptops and hard drives (all computers are welcome, those still with hard drive and memory stick will bring more sustainable impact to the society)
  • Monitors, keyboards and mice
  • Printers, scanners and fax machines
  • Cables, extension cords, adapters, USBs, plugs and wires
  • Cameras, mobile phones etc.
  • Other related parts and accessories (except mercury-containing fluorescent tube)
Registration & Equipment Handover List
Please send email to for registration. After that, an equipment handover list will be sent to you, which should be filled and sent back to no later than Monday, November 1st 2021. We will contact you regarding the handover process. If you cannot make it before November 1st, 2021, but would still want to contribute, we could discuss case by case. If you wish to receive a certificate, please also include the full name of your name or your company in the email.

We look forward to your participation ! For more information about the E-waste Recycling Drive in Beijing, or Netspring Green IT Programs, please contact us at 021-65109063 or E-mail: