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New Semester Visit:Netspring Volunteers Taught Students at Migrant Schools

This past summer were extremely fruitful! We are ready for the new semester and dedicating to serving our Netspring students and teachers. 
We thank you for all your great support, wish you all a great mid-autumn festival and look forward to the upcoming events in the coming months!
The protection of earth resources is an indispensable part of the common interests and development process of mankind. Netspring held workshops with the theme of ‘Preserving our Earth Resources’ since this summer vacation to raise students’ environmental awareness, stimulate their creativity and advocate eco behavior. With new semester opening, Netspring volunteering team made campus visits and presentations about earth resources protection at Songjiang and Minhang migrant schools in Shanghai on Sept. 7th, 2021. The vivid slide show and mutual interaction inspired the students to think about and discuss with volunteers on what the earth resources are, how to protect and save our resources in daily life. The ideas of the students made the event full of creativity and fun, meanwhile the students learned rich knowledge in the class.
Netspring team also paid routine visit and maintained Green IT classrooms in migrant schools in the new semester to make sure the digital class could be delivered normally for the students.