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Virtuos’ E-waste and Book Drive in 2021 Summer Built a Bridge of Love for Netspring Children

With aiming to transforming e-waste into e-education and enhancing environmental protection, Virtuos collaborated with Netspring team to carry out E-waste and Book Drive from July 23 – August 13. This activity also contributed to Netspring Green IT programs. Since 2012, Virtuos has joined hands with Netspring on environment and e-waste management. On a yearly basis, Netspring helps Virtuos deal with its obsolete computers, screens and other electronic devices to be eco-dismantled. Virtuos Group opened 2 Green IT classrooms in Shanghai and Chengdu. In the coming autumn, Virtuos will support us even more. Virtuos builds a bridge of love for Netspring children with digital resources and nature knowledge, bringing more vivid imagination about the world to those children. Let's look forward to more collaboration with Virtuos.
"Hi, volunteers from Netspring and Virtuos. We have already received the books! Even though it is far way, we still could feel warm and touched by your love and these books. I know greatful words are already a little pale and weak at the moment, let us pass over this love together with children! Loving you…
– Teachers from Virtuos Green IT Classroom