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Tech4Good with PVH Sustainable Fashion!

As another school year is nearing its end, Netspring teams are happy to share a sample of their most recent work. With the support of our supporters such as Arkema and PVH, we were able to open new Green IT Classrooms as well as in hold volunteering activities in our supported schools. Furthermore, Netspring was invited to share insights on Tech4Good at a Sino-German Symposium.
We thank you for your support, wish you all a great summer and are looking forward to the new school year!
PVH Volunteers Explain Sustainable Fashion to Students
In 2019, PVH Corp. opened its first Green IT classroom to foster digital inclusion for migrant students in Jiashan, Zhejiang province. These refurbished electronic devices have helped the school solve the problem of lacking IT resources and bridge students to access Internet and the outside world.
This June, PVH volunteers paid a return visit to their Jiashan school and introduced the concept of sustainable fashion and explained PVH’s environmentally friendly production process. They also delivered painting classes and handicraft classes to students. All students listened attentively and participated in a very joyful way.
Earlier in the year, PVH also held an e-waste drive for us. We thank PVH employees for their time and contribution.
"There are two worlds now, one is the real world and the other is the Internet world. Through the Internet, students can access infinite knowledge. I hope that these students would not set limits on themselves. After more than ten years, a bright future belongs to them. I wish every students learn and grow happily every day !"
— PVH Senior Management