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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ! Opening of a new PVH Green IT classroom near Shanghai

Opening of a new PVH Green IT classroom near Shanghai
“This is the 2nd Green IT classroom sponsored by PVH cares in 2 years. It provides a platform that can connect our children to the world in a second. The future is a knowledge-based world, I hope this Green IT Classroom will provide students with a window which could help them discover the world. Moreover, I hope students know the importance of learning English and study hard from now on. Being multilingual and internet knowledgeable, in the future your world will go far beyond ours! Finally, I wish you can grow up healthily and joyfully. Also I would like to thank teachers who devote themselves 100% to the kids and their school. ”
— Archie Leung, Senior Director, PVH China
On September 10th, 2020, Teachers’ Day, PVH Corp. inaugurated its 2nd Green IT Classroom to foster digital inclusion for migrant students in Jiangsu province. Archie Leung, Senior Director of PVH China and enthusiastic PVH volunteers attended the inauguration ceremony and interacted actively with students and teachers. To enrich the school's education resources, this program will provide 1500+ students of grades 3-6 with the opportunity to learn digital skills and bridge them to the information world and fulfil their dreams.
Volunteers from PVH taught one eco-friendly animation computer class and one handicraft class to the students who enjoyed them tremendously. Students presented their hand-made paintings to their beloved teachers and volunteers.
We wholeheartedly thank PVH for their dedication to Netspring’s children’s education.
“Opening a Green IT Classroom in our campus is significant to our school. As you bring us not only educational resources, but also spiritual inspiration. Warm care is also passed on to our hearts. The internet connects us to a broad world, information leads to better communication with each other.”
——Principal  Zhao of PVH Green IT Classroom


Sincere Appreciation to All - A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday
 Last, but not least, Netspring team wish you a very happy mid-autumn festival and national holiday.