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Special Communique: Notice of Fraudulent Partnership Statements on the [WE] Project by Green Initiatives and Ms. Clotilde Pallier

August 31, 2018 – Special Communique: Please be advised that there had never been any lawful agreement between Green Initiatives and Netspring. The [WE] Project was launched in China in May/June 2016 by diverting the resources, the IP and other assets from Netspring and its subsidiary Shanghai Yiquan Social Enterprise to an environmental business i.e Green Initiatives.

1. Fraudulent Partnership Note by Green Initiatives, published around mid-July 2018

Source: (08/29/2018)


Green Initiatives could not have formed any lawful partnership with any entity in June 2016, since it was not registered in China before August 25, 2016, date of its incorporation as a for-profit-entity under SAIC, and not as an NGO (Source: - see below).


2. Fraudulent Statement by Ms. Clotilde Pallier, former GM Shanghai Yiquan Social Enterprise, about the [WE] Project launch, dated June 22, 2016

Source: (08/29/2018) - see below


Ms. Clotilde Pallier was never appointed GM of Netspring, a title she widely misused to disseminate fraudulent information, such as but not limited to a partnership between Netspring and Green Initiatives. She also hijacked financial contributions:

3. We whole-heartedly thank the many people who have helped us understand this situation and advised us over the past 18 months. Should you wish to know more, Netspring has set up a strictly confidential and dedicated e-mail to make contact.

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Appendix 1: National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System Company Report - Green Initiatives

Appendix 2: British Chamber CSR News - Green Initiatives