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News: Netspring volunteering with Charity Ride

June 8th, Social volunteering in Xingguang Migrant School

On June 8th, Netspring together with Charity Ride organized one fatastic volunteering in Xingguang Migrant School. The charity ride is a ride where the team bring as many sidecars as possible, and try to have them filled up with toys, food, drinks… from sponsors.

It was a whole day event, in the morning session, Netspring checked the NU SKIN Green IT Classroom, which was setup in this April and then had an extracurricular class with 20 kids, we together discussed the meanings behind everyone's name and discoved lots of love from our parents...; we leant one Chinese poem and chanted together, experienced lots of touching moments. In the afternoon, Carity riders took us to Guhua park. Riding on sidecars or taking jeeps on the road, kids were so happy! We also had lunch together with Charity riders and a bunch of French girl scouts. At the end of the ride, riders bring everyone back to the school in the sidecars.